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The Official Research Journal Publication of the College of the Information and Computing Sciences, Cagayan State University

ISSN: 2782-9111
Volume 3, Issue No. 2 July to December 2019
ISSN: 2782-9111
Volume 3, Issue No. 1 January to June 2019
ISSN: 2782-9111
Volume 1, Issue No. 1 January to December 2017

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Electronic Quiz-bee - Management System version 1
Keywords: Information System, Quizbee, Electronic Quiz bee
Team: Leo Paliuanan, James Karl Agpalza and Jesty S. Agoto
CapstoneID: 202114
Teacher Evaluation System
Keywords: TES 2018
Team: Leo Paliuanan
CapstoneID: 20210927151
Harnessing Business operation throught Facilities Reservation and Management System
Keywords: FRMS
Team: Kristine Joy Culcul, Rizalyn Guillermo and Regeen Dela Rosa
CapstoneID: 20210927022
Keywords: AC19
Team: Khatrina Mae T. Malazzab, Liezel Joy T. Malazzab and Peejay B. Carbonel
CapstoneID: 20210927143
Faculty Performance Evaluation System
Keywords: FPES
Team: Marney Agoto, Romi Delarose Ferrer, Caryl Elaine Oli, Dezza Mae Pallago
CapstoneID: 20210927284

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Based from the assessment made by the research team, revealed that system's compliance to ISO 25010:2011 software quality characteristics. The noble web application is one form to publish for knowledge-sharing rather than being perished or wasted.
Providing enough support available for the students and faculty members in searching/accessing of scientific articles or experiments for references as well as in monitoring and managing of the researches, the new system (InFORMs) available for online use, will be one systematic tool that could aid students and faculty members in terms of instruction, finding specific study/research according to their interest, discovering reserach gaps.
The need to support teaching and learning in educational institutions has raised challenges in maximizing academic resources, scientific findings, and subscriptions to reputable digital libraries. Academic institutions like Cagayan State University has been producting and contributing to the knowledge economy, but stakeholders are also challenged with the need to subscribe to reputable libraries. To maximize its own resource, the project is herein developed.
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